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Introducing the Fun of Street Soccer 

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world, with an estimated 3.5 Billion fans! The ease of playing informal soccer games on the streets and in open spaces make it the most popular sport in the world. Our products bring the positivity, inspiration, and creativity of STREET SOCCER to your local organization or community by introducing awesome face-paced, street-inspired courts to play in!


Soccer cages motivate people to interact constructively, creating social bonds that improve confidence and well-being. Our cages are perfect for both community recreation, as well as for advanced training at schools and clubs with aspiring professionals.

  • For the public, cage fields introduce a fun new game to enjoy repeatedly, improve at, and build a community around. Persons of all ages enjoy street courts throughout the world.

  • For schools & clubs, the cages create fast-paced training scenarios that teach players to win one-on-one scenarios and improve their fast-paced thinking skills. 


We believe that these principles, Enjoyment, Challenge, and Committment, will take a person farther in soccer as well as in life.

Our products bring the community, passion, and enthusiasm of Street Soccer to you locally. 

Coach Jose Neto, our Sales & Training Director, is a former professional soccer player, Brazil native, and certified coach by the USFF (United States Futsal Federation). He has coached soccer and futsal since 2007 and worked for one of the best Soccer Associations in the United States.

Coach Neto is dedicated making sure you see the difference your purchase makes in the lives of others by bringing all of his experience and knowledge to your organization and patrons. We provide you with a free clinic to initiate and promote community or organizational use and will also partner with you to offer regular clinics, camps, and / or tournaments at your new cage fields.

Take the step forward  - See the positive impact our soccer cages willl have in your organization or community!

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